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KlangAuge | 声眼 (concept)
interactive sound-video-installation
and simultaneous live-contact between Germany and China

2 SoundEye conus with integrated projektion screen and 4-channel-audio


Expanding public space

With the sound video installation SoundEye two cities will be connected by a live stream of audio and video data. At two public places (in the underground or in public buildings) the passers-by are filmed by cameras above their head through a screen. These pictures are mixed with the similar picture of the other city which is transmitted by internet.

Visual Interaction

The picture of one city will be seen overlayed by the picture of the other city. It’s like a double mirror with oneself and the other person from the other side of the world. But they have to look „in the sky“ to see each other. In this perspective they mainly look on their faces and only some parts of their body in a strange way. They can touch and walk through the others virtually.

Acoustic Interaction

The passers-by can walk in the field of the camera which is marked on the floor with green color. This area is not only a visual field. The visitors can walk in this field like in a sound field manipulating sounds and voices by their movements. The four speakers hang around the screen and are controlled by a four channel sound system for spatialized sound.

Focus point

When the visitors are passing not only the sound field (light green) but also the focus point in the middle (darker green) there will be an automatic zoom by the camera. The persons from the two cities on this focus point will visually mix their bodies.
At the same time the zoom microphone will start to work and if these persons will try to talk together their voices would be heared,not in a natural way but electronically transformed. Their voices become then the new material for the sound field. In this way the sounds are self-developping during the time of the installation.

Planned as
exhibition tour
2 0 0 8 – 2 0 1 0

in 5 german-chinese
pairs of cities

A production of
KlangQuadrat | büro für klang- und medienkunst berlin
Georg Klein, Julia Gerlach
Almut Bouchon, Dominik Busch
Dirk Schneider

Supported by
Auswärtigen Amts der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Goethe-Instituts China