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Born 1st of march in Öhringen / Germany
Primary School Öhringen
Secundary School Öhringen (HGÖ). Languages: english, latin, french. Violin class.
Piano and composition autodidactic. Computer class on the first Macs.




Begin academic studies of electrical engineer and acoustics, Technical University Munich
Civilian service at Bavarian Red Cross Munich
Intermediate diploma, TU München
Journey through Latin America (3 months), spanisch class

Continuation of the studies at Technical University Berlin, specialisation sound engineer, electronics, digital media and communication, software programming.
Degree dissertation (Prof. Manfred Krause) and three-year research project on visualisation of speech for deaf children, in collaboration with schools for deaf children in Berlin. See publications: Klang – Stimme – Visualisierung






Second academic study of religion/philosophy/psychoanalysis and ethnmusicology at Free University Berlin (Prof. Klaus Heinrich).
Students deputy at FU Berlin. Member of student council and university commission.
Own psychoanalysis (Freud)
Starting as composer with film music ('amor fati', Berlinale- Intern. Film Festival Berlin 1997). Release on CD.
Philosophical Colloquium: discussion of social conflicts in a theory of art and architecture. See publications: Musik und Religion - Überlegungen zu Kult und Melancholie in der Zivilisation (Music and Religion. Thoughts on cult and melancholy in civilisation).

Examinations of medial mirror constellations in music, development of live-electronic pieces.
Spiegelgespräch I + II (Solo-Duette)
Intern. Gustav-Mahler-Kompositionspreis Österreich mit dem Stück 'Li.. und die Erde I+II' für Ensemble, Mezzosopran und Liveelektronik
Gastdozent an der Freien Universität Berlin.






Founding of comaberlin Production of inter-medial art. see publications: „...verdichtete Situationen produzieren“ and „From the sound installation to the sound situation" (organised sound, Cambridge)
Turn away from the concert form to installation as his main artistic form. Experiments with non-ending time structures and interactive concepts (see publications: Interactive Variation – On the Relativity of Sound and Movement)

First large-sized installation: the 2-years-running interactive sound situation transition – berlin junction in a sulpture of Richard Serra at the Philharmonie Concert Hall in Berlin, where situative, material­aesthetic and historical layers come together in a conceptional way. see catalog and CD transition
Development of a sculptural sound concept and a political-situative concept of space (see publications: Spannungsräume – Einige Überlegungen zum Raumbegriff in der Klangkunst).
Sound art stipend by Senat of Berlin. Workshop at Golo Föllmer (network music).

Chairman of Berlin Society for New Music (bgnm, togeth. with Christa Brüstle). Organisation and curating of diskussion- and concert series on aspects of music and art theory (2002: musik|politic, 2003: reflex zones, 2004: migration, 2005: Video Concerts) and several work shops. See publ.: Unter freiem Himmel - Klangkunst im öffentlichen Raum
German Sound Art Award (Marl/WDR) with his work Ortsklang Marl Mitte (Site-Sound Marl Midtown), where the social context got stronger and an allday space was formed by light, sound and voices in a sculptural way.
Stipend by Künstlerhaus Schloß Wiepersdorf.





Founding of KlangQuadrat – büro für klang- und medienkunst berlin (SoundSquare - office for sound and media art berlin) with Julia Gerlach, for organisation and production of sound- und media art projects at home and abroad.
Experiments with video and first integration in an art work in the installation Imperial News on the Iraq war (Rotes Rathaus Berlin / Red Townhall Berlin)).
Workshops at Marie Jo Lafontaine (video installation) and Ruedi Häusermann (sound art performance) at University of Art UdK Berlin.
Stipend Stiftung Kulturfonds.

Experiments with medial mirroring in live video and concepts of acoustic spatialisation in public space ("acoustical text topography"). Realisation of the 2-months running sound-video-installation TRASA – A bimedial space of contact, simultaneously in 2 subway entrances in Warsaw and Berlin (Goethe-Institute Warsaw, HKF, transmediale Berlin) see catalog TRASA and DVD.
5 months theater work with the director
Peter Zadek at Berliner Ensemble (Ibsen, Peer Gynt with Uwe Bohm and Angela Winkler, music director until 2008).

Artistic research in China/Shanghai for the project "KlangAuge / SoundEye"
Participation at Exhibition Urban Art Stories (Germany/Denmark/Norwway) with the installation warten|waiting (Berlin)
Cooperation with the suisse video and performance artist Steffi Weismann. Development of interactive, dialogical installationen (pick up) and audio-visual performances with live-manipulations of digital pictures with software Jitter (auf jeden Fall)





Awarding of MEDIA-Space-Award 2006 in Marl (NRW).
Concert performance with Tetso Furudate at TESLA Berlin (live broadcasted on DeutschlandRadio) at Arts Birthday 2006
Second edition of TRASA in four german-polish cities at the "Year of German-Polish Relations" (Auswärtiges Amt of Germany).
Participation at international sound art festival sonambiente in Berlin with the installation takeaway (in coop. with Steffi Weismann).
Residency in Italy (Stipend Villa Massimo / Casa Baldi, Rom)
Conceptual development of the TOWER TRILOGY: WHY WE BUILD TOWERS. Realisation of the first part turmlaute.1: starvation tower in Frankfurt u. Rom.

Realisation of the second part turmlaute.2: watch tower as a medial Gesamtkunstwerk, transforming a whole building and its power apparatus by audio, video, light and perfomrance with a public relations work incl. website as a part of the articstic work. Camouflage by a political fake.
Artistic research in Iran/Tehran (Project Cuts & Creeds).
Mobile installation in a tram wagon of line 8 in Dresden (meta.stasen, commissioned by Europäischen Zentrums der Künste Hellerau). Workshop am Europäischen Zentrum der Künste Hellerau, Dresden.

Curator at Senat of Berlin / Department of Art and Culture in Kreuzbg./Friedrhain.
Preparations of project thankyou,China – PCAIr-Medienrohr (MEDIEN-Raum-Preis 2006, Hartware MedienKunstVerein).

MP3-Soundwalk through different gardens in Hannover (Peregrinatio Paradiso)
Birth of daughter Senta (with Steffi Weismann).
3-months residency in USA (Los Angeles)
Performative intervention in american supermarkets with the projekt venture doll (by Steffi Weismann)
Video installation sonic parole at the media facade at O2-World Berlin, Medienfassadenfestival Berlin





Installation Sprich mit mir in the red-light-district of Braunschweigs. Exhibition klangstaetten|stadtklaenge, Konsumverein Braunschweig
Installation + Website RamallahTours, Intervention with a palestinian taxi in Israel, Exhibition „29km“, UmmElFahem Art Gallery, Israel
Mixing the physical with the medial public space (see publ.: Site-Sounds. On strategies of sound art in public space, Cambridge).
Installation NaNa with interactive parabolic speakers, Exhibition shared.devided. united, NGBK Berlin.

Video-sound-text-installation Cuts and Creeds (Berlin/Istanbul) on muslim suicide bombers and western gunmen.
6 months residency by Senat of Berlin at BM Contemp. Art Center Istanbul.
Facade installation mirrorsongs at a prison in Sinop/Türkei.
Lecture „Don't call it art! On strategies of media art in public space“ (ISEA Dortmund 2010 / BILGI-University Istanbul).
Website project smile atatürk with manipulated Atatürk portraits.
Workshop at Bilgi-Universität Istanbul (Visual Arts Department)

Workshop at UdK Berlin (SoundStudies)
Installation and poster project Make me wild – Godwin with a nigerian, illegal immigranten in Europa
Solo exhibition „borderlines“ with 4 installations on the topic "border" and its transgression at the European Media Art Festival (EMAF)
Installation with interactive trash bins in Osnabrück and communicative radio project at 3 schools in Osnabrück "
trashsounds & TRIADIO" "Festival YEAH! Hörbare Umwelten" of Netzwerk Junge Ohren and Bundesumweltstiftung. Osnabrück Nov. 2011.
Exhibition tracing mobility with tracing Godwin (Installation and poster action in public space), Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2011.





Workshop at UdK Berlin (SoundStudies)
Sound Art. Klang als Medium der Kunst, ZKM Karlsruhe with "Der gelbe Klang2 / The Yellow Sound2 - Hommage to Kandinsky" - Sound light installation at Schlossplatz Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe march 2012 - january 2013
Music event Musik.Zeit.Geschehen. "BMF Interventionen" - 3 installative interventions in the Ministery of Finance of Germany in Berlin, 17th June 2012.
Staatstheater Mannheim: "GNADE" - Installative intervention with objects in urban space and a medial altar of grace. Sev. locations in Mannheim, Installation in Schloss Schwetzingen. Festival Mozartsommers 1st-8th July 2012
Workshop at Mannheimer Mozartsommer (Nationaltheater Mannheim).
Lecture Creating Perception at MUSA conference Karlsruhe and LAK Sound Art Festival Copenhagen.
Artist in Residence at MuseumsQuartier Wien (quartier21 / Tonspur), Vienna. Installation: "Der gelbe KlangTS / The Yellow SoundTS

Lecturer at University of Arts Berlin (UdK / Studium Generale).
Artist Residence at Schloss Werdenberg (CH) / Schlossmediale Werdenberg ("Aug' um Auge"): Two audiovisual installations: "UNzuRECHT Case A: Finance | Case B: Justice" in coop. with Steffi Weismann.
Permanenter Sound Walk "toposonie :: spree" mit Smartphone-App in Berlin-Mitte
Artist in Residence in Taranto, Italy.
Realisation of his installation Two Powers of Taranto in March 2014.

Curator at MuseumsQuartier Wien (Vienna) producing the exhibition "PCFS - Post Colonial Flagship Store". Ongoing lecturing at UdK / Studium Generale. Concert-Installation "The Interactive Piano" at Sophiensaele Berlin. Publication "borderlines - Auf der Grenze", thematic catalog on works of Georg Klein (Ed. Sabine Sanio, publisher: Kehrer, Heidelberg).